Harwich Mayflower Project AGM

The Harwich Mayflower has recently held it’s Annual General Meeting, and while I was unable to be there, I have been contacted by several people who were.

Apparently it was a very ‘lively” debate with the HMP of course standing their corner and apparently evading several probing questions and refusing to actually give direct answers to direct questions. Basically no one was any the wiser after the event than before it. As one attendee at the AGM said to me “A lot of those guys have great futures as politicians when they move on”

It seems that the project is still reluctant to provide any information and continues to keep local residents and those further afield, in the dark about the build and how (if) and when it will progress. As such I have sent the following open email to the project and await their reply.


Dear Harwich Mayflower Project,

In the interests of local residents and those further afield that are interested in your statement to build a seagoing replica of the Mayflower, and while receiving a continued lack of information and complete opaqueness from yourselves, I would like to ask you to provide some answers and/or comments to the questions below. If you decide to reply, please be aware that the reply will be made public on theshipsblog.net, an online independent web log that follows the intended build of the ship.

While building of the ship stopped in 2014, and although the project has falsely stated in print since then that “shipbuilding can be viewed”, there has been no build since that date and nothing has been added to the build in the railway yard since 2014. Can you please tell me what  the current status of the build is and what the current build plan is moving forward.

With only 723 work days from the 1st March 2017 until the 1st of Jan 2020 (3 years) are you still adamant that the build will be completed within two years and if so, again can you give details?

The training centre closed “temporarily” in 2016.  If you are aware this is a temporary closure, can you give any idea as to when it will reopen?

Can you provide solid figures (and proof of such) of visitor numbers and what do you estimate future visitors to be now that several cruise liners are no longer operating to Harwich and there are only a few left. Again please give solid facts to back up your projections.

What is your current state of funding?

Do you have any kind of a  business plan for approaching large businesses and corporations for funding and if so what is it? Also, have you contacted the National Lottery again since your first attempt at funding with them was declined, and if so what was the outcome?

Your social media does not reflect the the build, frequently just reposting messages. Are there plans to use this medium to actually inform people of progress at the Project? If not, why not.

What was the total cost of the new Visitor Centre  and why was this funding not put towards the ship build. What are the future plans for this building that many see as an unnecessary expense. It is a seemingly nice idea for a flourishing tourist hub, but it is currently vacant and apparently filled with large poorly designed tapestry-like items showing the most basic of information.

While you continue to solicit donations for “building a boat” and with no ship build happening since 2014, can you please tell me what these donations have been used for?

If you continue to regard members of the public asking questions and looking for answers as “negative” how do you intend to move forward?

Kind regards

One comment

  1. steve

    James you are absolutely spot on as usual , and with Fred Nicholls ( past Chairman Tendring Council ) now a Director and known researcher of funding for all things from his local Gt Bromley Cricket Club and Village Hall and organiser of funding quiz evenings maybe we will see some activity. I viewed the published accounts last year end April 2016 and there was only £61K funds available !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    The notable figures were that outgoings of staffing just about matched donations so Fred Nicholls has put his head above the parapet that’s for sure ..I will be the first to shoot …..

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