We’re back!!

After a small hiatus The Ship’s Blog is coming back. The blog had issues with funding, time and finding someone to take the reins. Now I’m happy to say the immediate future of the blog is safe and from early July, we will again be providing you with regular updates of the amazing undertaking that is The Harwich Mayflower Project.

If you were following us before, welcome back. If you’re a new follower, stick with us to see a full size wooden ship being built from scratch and sailed across the Atlantic. By the way, this isn’t just any old wooden ship, it’s The Mayflower!


  1. Joan

    Hi,I am on the Unit Management Cttee of Colchester Sea Cadet Unit. Would some of our Cadets be able to visit the site and see the building of the Ship. Michael Crackston from Colchesrer wa one of he Pilgrims and signed The Maflower Compact. Look forward to hearing from you. JOAN

    • mayflower2020

      Hi Joan, nice to hear from you. I’m sure that the Project would be more than happy to give your group of Cadets a tour of the build and show them around. I’ve passed your details on to the relevant person and they’ll be in touch soon.

    • mayflower2020

      Thanks Tom. Great to finally find the time to be back at an amazing project and amongst such committed and passionate people. While there’s a ship being built in the railway yard at Harwich, I’ll make sure that the project is always given a voice on the net to allow people who can’t get here to see just how much wonderful work you guys are doing, not only to build and sail a full size replica of the Mayflower (no mean feat in itself!) but to also provide jobs to the people of Harwich and training to young people in a variety of skills, that will benefit the community for many, many years to come.

  2. Harwichcruiser

    Indeed, good news that now at last, some work is being done on the build of the ship itself. I pass the build site regularly and nothing has been done on the ship for many, many months. The murals around the walls have received lots of attention, however, as far as building the actual ship is concerned, it’s the same old, same old!! Harwich people are once again saying that it will never happen.

    There was hope that cruise passengers from America would be able to at least see the skeleton of the ship this year, alas, the Project has lost it’s chance to impress the Americans as no more will USA owned cruise ships visit Harwich. The American shipping lines have decided that Harwich is no longer for them and for the first time in over 25-years Royal Caribbean lines will not be sending one of their ships here. On the 3rd September, Brilliance of the Seas will leave Harwich for the last time and she and her sister ships will either sail from Southampton or one of the larger European ports for the forseable future. While this year there are almost 40 Harwich cruise departure days and in 2013 over 60, next year there are just 9 cruise days on inferior ships.

    How much the cruise lines decision was due to poor road links between the London airports and the port is not clear, however, many times I have witnessed first embarking passengers arriving in Harwich and missing the ship departure (road accidents on M25 or A12) and then disembarking passengers in tears, as there were no taxis to take them back to the airports. Whatever, the reasons, on the whole, Harwich itself has done little to facilitate or welcome foreign cruise passengers in the past and the town is destined to once again drift into obscurity, especially as the DFDS Harwich to Denmark ferry is also no more!

    • mayflower2020

      As I say on the main page of the blog, I have no connection to the HMP and I don’t receive (nor ask for) any payment for the blog, so this reply is in no way official and does not represent the views of the project. I know they visit the blog and I’m sure they will reply as well.

      It is indeed sad that as you say, the cruise lines and ferries may not be as many as they once were. But I would hope that Harwich as a whole can pull itself up and realise there’s more going on than having to rely on cruise ships. There are several coastal towns that thrive without having an international ferry port, why should Harwich not be one of them?

      I would like to think that the people of Harwich are resourceful enough to not stand around wringing their hands saying “Oh no, the ferries have gone, how will we manage now?” Instead I think they will be pushing forward and saying “right, lets put this behind us and find another way to bring people to Harwich, let’s make the town somewhere people want to come to, let’s give the public something they can be proud of!” Maybe a worldwide recognised ship docked in Harwich as a visitor attraction would do the job?

      Yes there seems to have been no work on the skeleton of the ship, but as you pointed out, work progresses in other areas and I’m sure there will have been lots of behind the scenes work in the past months.

      As for the people of Harwich saying ‘it will never happen’, to those of you thinking that, I’d say this. Don’t stand outside thinking ‘It’ll never work, they’ll never do it’. Come inside and see what you can do to make it happen!! Just like I did.

      This is a project that is giving work to the people of Harwich and providing training to local young people, they are building bridges to communities across the world and have had interest from some very important people, such as Richard Branson. The ship WILL get built and it WILL sail across the ocean to America. But if it flounders along the way or it seems like that may not happen, I’ll tell you something, if it means me having to grab a hammer and nails and fix wood together, or if I have to stand in the pouring rain dragging heavy pieces of oak around the railway yard, I’ll do it. This is my Harwich, this is my community, and by God I’ll do anything and everything I can to promote it and make it a place we can all be proud of.

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