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Leaving the build for a bit. Every so often, the Harwich Mayflower Project will come to the attention of the media. They recently had several visits from local and national newspapers, including James Marston of the East Anglian Daily Times, who produced an excellent article with several photos and a video that give some background to what’s happening at the build. They were also recently mentioned in the Friday 18th July edition of the Daily Mirror, in a column by Paul Routledge, which unfortunately is not online.

Although this blog is primarily about the build of the ship, I think it’s worth putting  a  link in here  and a few pictures from the recent opening of their visitor centre for you to check out.  It’s also worth noting that the Project were paid a visit by their very own Mayflower Pipes and Drums band, check out the video to hear the bagpipes in action!! Photography/video and content: James Kelly.

IMG_2916-small IMG_2894-small

East Anglian Daily Times feature

Video of  The Mayflower Pipes and Drums Band

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  1. Paul

    Yes, it was an excellent first opening of the Mayflower Visitors Centre – I went along and was mightily impressed. It’s virtualy all down to one bloke I have been told – had it not been for the stirling work that Sean Day did on renorvating the large porta cabin, which was a huge rebuilding task by itself, we wouldn’t have anything much to see.

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