“Wishing all fair wind…”

A week or so ago, the  Secretary General of the IMO, Mr. Koji Sekimizu, was in Harwich as a guest of  Trinity House Deputy Master, Captain Ian McNaught.  During his visit to Harwich, Mr. Sekimizu noticed the logs in the yard of the Mayflower Project and was kind enough to mention the Project on his blog at http://imosgblog.tumblr.com.

I’m assuming Mr Sekimizu has not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Harwich Mayflower Project. But as a gentleman that enthusiastically supports  activities that preserve traditional technologies and skills employed in shipbuilding  and as busy a man as he must be, I would hope that Mr. Sekimizu would be able to visit in the future and hopefully see for himself what’s being achieved at the Project, building the Mayflower as well as  the regeneration of shipbuilding skills in Harwich.

The image below shows the Secretary General of the IMO at Trinity House in Harwich and was sourced from http://imosgblog.tumblr.com. If the use of this image is in breach of any copyright, or you are the holder of such copyright and do not wish this image to be used here, please contact me.  Content: James Kelly.


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