The Forward Keel

After several posts that gave you a little insight into the background of the Harwich Mayflower project, I think it’s time we got back on course with the actual build of the ship. While the keel itself remains covered up to protect against the unusual heat of an English summer, the Shipwrights are busy working on other sections of the keel.

The Forward keel is currently being cut and shaped and will eventually be joined to the keel with a scarf (scarph) joint, which was described in an earlier post. The pictures below show a 2 ton piece of  English oak as it sits on the bandsaw, partially cut and waiting to be finished to match the template which can be seen sitting atop of the oak. The forward keel  will eventually be worked on to finish with an upturn at the front end. You’ll be getting more pics as this piece of the Mayflower progresses.

My next post will show you some of the tools and instruments being used to build this ship and will include a lathe powered by human muscle and not electricity! Photography and content: James Kelly.


The forward keel. Two tons of English oak.

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