The ship’s backbone.

Strangely enough for a British summer, the weather recently has been dry and sunny. Although a little bit of rain doesn’t  stop the shipwrights, it’s obviously easier  to work on a nice sunny day. So as you can imagine, it’s been a busy time at the Mayflower Project recently and my camera has been working overtime getting pictures for you.  I was sitting in the office recently, uploading a few images and checking websites, when someone ran in and said “They’re putting the deadwood on!”  I rushed out,  and sure enough the deadwood was being expertly lowered onto the keel.  I grabbed my camera and started clicking away. The results are below and as you can see, the backbone of the Mayflower is taking shape. Another bonus of a sunny day, is the covers coming off the keel to allow you to see the build so far in all it’s glory.   Photography and content: James kelly.






The Keel, sternpost and deadwood basking in the sun. Approx 6 tons of timber.

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