Now that I’m up to date on the happenings at the Project, I thought I’d take some time to post a few extra pics and a little info. For those of you interested, and I know there’s at least one, all the photographs in this blog were taken on  a Canon EOS 600D with an 18-135 EFS lens.  I try to take pictures that give you a feel for the project and the people working on it. Hopefully I’ve managed that and you’re enjoying the blog and the hard work of all those involved at the Project. That reminds me, I really need to get a group shot of all the staff for you.

I also want to thank everyone at the Harwich Mayflower Project for their help and for giving me complete access to all the areas of the project so I can get pictures for you. I was expecting a few murmurs of discontent as I wandered around the yard, poking my camera in peoples faces and asking if I could take pics, but everyone was happy to help out and no one  objected to my snapping away. I did expect a few people to moan about not having their makeup on (and that was only the shipwrights!) but they are all fantastic and always willing to help in whatever way they can. The shipwrights will always take time to explain to me exactly what they are doing and go over any shipbuilding terms that I’m not familiar with. Thanks guys (and girls) without your co-operation and good natured help, I wouldn’t be able to do this blog.

If you’re a photographer, you’ll know that you may need to take dozens of pictures to get that one special photograph. I’ve taken hundreds of photographs at the Project and while they’re more snapshots than anything else, I’ve decided to put a few up here that haven’t made previous posts.

The images below are a gallery, clicking any one will open a slideshow. Photography and content: James Kelly.



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