Building the Mayflower

On September 6th/16th 1620 The Mayflower set sail for the New World. After a series of setbacks and having to return to land twice, their  final port of call was Plymouth… and the rest as they say, is history.

Now nearly 400 years later, The Mayflower project, based in Harwich (the birth place of the ship’s captain, Christopher Jones and the place the Mayflower was arguably originally built) is building a life size replica of the Mayflower, to be ready before 2020 to set sail once again for the New World.

As a resident of Harwich and with a keen interest in all things Anglo/American, I am going to try and document the build of the ship, from now until the day it sets sail. I shall use this blog to show you pictures of the build and its progress, as and when I can get access.

Today I spoke with someone at the Mayflower Project about my intention to document the build and keep regular records of it’s progress. Unfortunately I was unable to be shown around the actual site of the build which is still in its early stages (dozens of old oak trees litter the yard waiting to be cut and sawn into planks for the build). But I was told to come back in a few weeks when I should be able to take some photographs of the interior and any progress on the actual build.

Mayflower project site Site 2

I intend this to be a very photographic blog and I will hopefully be able to get  updates about the build and any information surrounding it to you as often as I can. Photography and content: James kelly.

Further info on The Mayflower Project can be found on the BBC news site here

A video describing the project, again from the BBC can be found here



  1. that80sgirl

    look! a comment button! As a former history major, I’m am going to love following this project. I recall the Noah’s Ark build and a few other monumental projects like that but this one will be great to follow since we are getting in at the very beginning. Thanks for offering to do this for everyone (including me!)

  2. Keith Pullin

    I was hoping someone would follow up after the previous blog, I will look forward all the updates. Cheers Keith.

    • mayflower2020

      Hi Keith, thanks for your kind comment. The blog (like the build itself) is pushing forward and I hope to be able to bring you some exciting news in the coming weeks.

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